Ongoing Research

  • Addressing the challenge of productive employment, especially in the context of SDG 8

    Goal 8 of the SDGs focuses on economic growth and full and productive employment as well as decent work for all men and women. This, however, is a global goal, and the concept of “full and productive employment” has to be interpreted in the context of specific countries – especially for developing countries like Bangladesh. Research on this topic starts from this and goes on to monitoring progress in attaining the goal. As for policies needed to attain the goal of full and productive employment, the starting off point is to broaden the concept from simply labour market oriented policies to economic policies as a whole. Research on this topic focuses on linking both economic and labour market policies to productive employment and developing a broad-based strategy for full and productive employment.

  • Growth and structural performance of agriculture in Bangladesh

    Research on this topic focuses on growth performance, sources of growth and structural performance of Bangladesh agriculture using published data (e.g. Statistical Yearbooks, Economic Review, Agricultural Census etc.). Employment implications of the current trends in structural change of Bangladesh agriculture will also be analysed. The research also seeks to identify the current and emerging constraints and challenges as well as appropriate policy interventions for sustained and equitable growth of agriculture in the country in the medium and the long run.

  • Promoting decent work in the informal economy

    The basic objective of this research is to examine ways and means of improving the quality of jobs in the informal economy of Bangladesh. Despite sustained growth of the economy, informal sector accounts for a very high proportion of total employment in Bangladesh. And past trends do not show much likelihood of a major change in this respect in future. While public policy needs to be geared towards higher growth of the formal sectors of the economy, policies are also needed to upgrade the quality of jobs in the informal economy.  Policy oriented research on this issue will start with an analysis of labour force survey data for estimating the trend and composition of the informal sector growth in Bangladesh, and will move to an analysis of sectoral surveys in the informal economy for identifying points of intervention to transform informal work to decent work.