Food and Agricultural Issues and Programmes: Some Suggestions for the National Budget 2017-18

Quazi Shahabuddin

   I. Food-Friendly Programme for the Ultra-Poor: How to Make It More Effective? Despite considerable progress in poverty reduction in Bangladesh with respect to hardcore poverty, the absolute number of hardcore poor continues to remain quite significant, about 20 million. Those belonging to this group of people are chronically underfed and extremely vulnerable to both manmade and natural shocks. They are obviously in need of target support towards improvement of food security and livelihoods. The government’s various interventions as part of the different Social Safety Net Programs (SSNPs), with increased coverage of the poor and vulnerable groups have made positive contribution in terms of significantly reducing the share and number of poor in the country. However, budgetary allocations for the Social Safety Net Programs are much lower compared to what has been earmarked in the 7th Five Year Plan.

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