About Us

The Background

Inclusive development has been recognized as a development goal in Bangladesh, and yet, the mechanism for reaching this goal and indicators for monitoring progress have not received adequate attention. Of particular importance is how economic growth, productive employment, poverty reduction and human development through education, skill development and health interact with one another. Research done at both global and national levels often bypasses issues relating to the linkage between development and employment. 

The above question assumes particular significance in view of the goals and targets adopted by the global community in 2015 in the form of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More specifically, mention may be made of goals relating to sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, elimination of poverty and hunger, education, health, and women’s empowerment. Pursuit of SDGs will of course require the involvement of a large number of actors including the government and agencies outside the government.


The basic objective of the work of the Centre for Development and Employment Research (CDER) would be to contribute towards a broadening and deepening of knowledge in the area of economic growth, productive employment and inclusive development, and a strengthening of capacity in this field. More specifically, CDER would strive to contribute towards accelerating inclusive development through policy oriented research and training in the above areas with particular emphasis on their inter-relationships.  

As the concept of inclusive development is not yet fully developed, and there are important data limitations in analysing issues relating to this notion as well as employment, research of CDER is undertaken at conceptual, analytical as well as empirical levels. 

In addition to research, the objectives of CDER include dissemination of knowledge and strengthening of capacity in these areas through workshops, training, and policy oriented seminars. Publication of research papers, policy briefs, and training manuals form an important part of the work of CDER. 

Major areas of research (with particular focus on, but not limited to, Bangladesh)

  • Employment and labour market watch (annual flagship report)
  • Concepts and key indicators of inclusive development and monitoring of progress towards attaining that goal
  • The challenge of attaining the SDG targets on growth with environmental sustainability, poverty reduction, productive employment, education and skill development
  • Empowerment of women and marginalized groups
  • Labour market and social protection policies
  • Food security and productivity of agriculture 
  • Structural transformation, sectoral growth dynamics and urban employment
  • Review of macroeconomic and other policies in relation to development and em